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BECOMING GEOFFREY-The television series created from his Blog “Down the Rabbit Hole.” The pilot. A recent LA International Screenplay Finalist

Agnes and The Museum of Art- Magic and mayhem at The Museum when Agnes, along with her best friend a stuffed rabbit named Mr. Filbert discover an “Art Emergency” at The Museum. They do their best to solve the problem. Join Agnes and Mr. Filbert in saving the paintings from boredom.

Ages 6-9 years
Available on

Geoffrey Doig-Marx (GDM)

GDM left home at age 15 during the early 1980s and went to live in runaway shelters and group homes in the Albany/Saratoga area. In the mid-1980s he moved to New York City and started his career in dance, musical theatre, art, writing, photography, directing and choreography.

“I don’t like a lot of art. I only like two pieces I have in my home, my GDM and my HIRSCHFELD”…Chita Rivera