Geoffrey Doig-Marx and fellow producer Bruce Robert Harris created the Elan Awards in 2000 to recognize outstanding choreographers who have paved the way for new work. By presenting the award as part of a dance festival, the Awards bridge the gap between generations and pay homage in the best way they can: dance itself, depicting how each choreographer has used their knowledge and reinterpreted it.
From the Celtic tradition, the word “Elan” translates as “flight”.

Creative Team

Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Creator/Artistic Director
Bruce Robert Harris
Co-Executive Producer
Kathleen McAree
Master Class Series Director

Elan Award Honorees

2005 – Susan Stroman
2004 – Lar Lubovitch
2003 – Rob Marshall
2002 – Ann Reinking
2001 – Jerry Mitchell
2000 – Graciela Daniele

Spirit of Elan Award

2005 – Tracie Stanfield
2004 – Amber Perkins
2003 – Nina Buisson

Past Elan Award Presenters

2005 – Hal Prince
2004 – F. Murray Abraham
2003 – Graciella Daniele
2002 – Sandy Duncan
2001 – Cady Huffman
2000 – Susan Lucci
2000 – Hope Clarke

Past Special Performers

Stephanie Pope
The Cast of Chicago
AC Ciulla
Desmond Richardson
Buglisi/Foreman Dance
American Ballet Theater Broadway Cast of CONTACT

Honoree Board

Chet Walker
Susan Jaffe
Katie Langan
Carol Paumgarten
Igal Perry
Peff Modelski
Milton Myers
Dean Crane
Frank Hatchett
Julie Davis
Sara Jarrett

Elan Choreographers

Aszure Barton
Michelle Barber
Ellen Shadle
Jay T. Jenkins
Roxanna Young
Maritza Mercado Narcisse
Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Joe Orrach
Vera Huff
Teri and Oliver Steele
Mark Lusk
Lonne Moretton
Cortez and Company Contemporary Ballet
Skip Costa
Kyle Craig
Adrienne Hawkins
Whitney Hunter
Wendy Seyb
AC Ciulla
Caroline Liadakis
David Marquez
Caron Eule
Rhonda Miller
Nina Buisson
Yosuke Takahashi
Tracie Stanfield

Leah Kreutzer
Chase Brock
Jacob Brent
Vanessa Villain
Michelle Van Doeren
Matt Williams
Roberta Mathes
Coleen Walsh
Ilyse Baker
Jennifer Archibald
Leslie Wexler
Dance Anonymous
Ginger Cox
Amber Perkins
Braham Logan Crane
Tabetha Lorina Baker
Bradley Shelver
John Paolillo
Amy Hall
Mark Marino
Lauren Putty
Danielle Genest
Caron Eule
Dee Caspary
Rebecca Kelly
Jeff Amsden
Graham Lustig

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