Down the Rabbit Hole/Chapter 1-Enter the Ninth Circle

Chapter 1 Hey! You! Get Out of My Way!  Chapter One Parts 1-28 Enter the Ninth Circle Part 1 Don’t get me wrong, I honestly love New York City. However, I think that I liked it better when it was scary and full of crime. Not like it is today. Today […]

Down the Rabbit Hole/Chapter 2-Leaving Home

Chapter 2 Leaving Home Part 1-22 Leaving Home Part 1  To say I was having problems with my home life was an understatement. I couldn’t continue to go on living with my parents. My mother and I were not getting along at all and then she would involve my father. Our […]

Down the Rabbit Hole/Chapter 3-Now it begins

Chapter 3 Now it begins Parts 1-20 Now it begins Part 1 Laura’s mother is calling my name from the bottom of the stairs. “Geoff, Geoff, Geooooofffff! It’s meeting time.” I can feel her pausing, waiting for a response. “Shit,” I think to myself and answer with, “I’m coming.” I grab a sweatshirt and head to […]

Down the Rabbit Hole/Chapter 5- A New Chapter Starts

A New Chapter Starts Parts 1-16 A New Chapter Starts Part 1 So what happens next? I immediately begin screaming for Leo as I reach into Crawford’s cage. Blood leaks out of the corner of her mouth and her head twists around as I lift her. Tears begin to fall […]

Down the Rabbit Hole/Chapter 6-The Devil you Know

Chapter 6 The Devil you Know 1-17 The Devil you Know Part 1  Jay Street in Albany during the ’80s was a street in transition. It is only two blocks long. Drugs and any other thing you might need to buy are found at the end of one block. At the […]

Chapter 7-8 Balls and the House on Dana  

Chapter 7- 8 Balls and the House on Dana   8 Balls and the House on Dana Part 1   Kim pushes her way through the bar patrons, who barely notice her. I try to follow at the pace she has set, but I am too slow. I get stuck behind a […]